Sunday, November 25, 2012


This little Thanksgiving vacation was just the relaxing break from school I needed (though ideally I would not have had mountains of schoolwork to do... yikes). 

Leah and I arrived at my house on Tuesday night in time for a home-cooked dinner, followed by a viewing of Brave with my brother (scarier than I expected for a Pixar movie! or maybe I'm just a wuss). The next morning we all went to breakfast at the sweetest cafe just in town--gotta love the charm of the Berkshires. 

 Leah carried out our Thanksgiving pumpkin pie that we got from the bakery. However, it did not last until Thanksgiving. We all ate about 2/3 the night before... oops.

 But the long weekend was the perfect time to snuggle up with this crazy cat, Percy.
 Leah was the perfect sous chef for Thanksgiving dinner.

 Our Thanksgiving bounty. Complete with Martinelli's sparkling cider. Our little family tradition.
My dad cut our 'field roast.' As a family of vegetarians, our main course is a little less exciting than a gigantic turkey, but it works!

But I am so thankful for all of the love I have in my life, the amazing opportunities, and the extraordinary food! 

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