Monday, January 21, 2013

Copenhagen: Snaps of Week One!

 These two cuties were lounging in their bike stroller contraption outside a restaurant down the street from the house!
 Trendy mini cupcakes found during a day of wandering. 
 Hip candles. Boy, can the Danish can decorate. 
New house slippers from Tiger (Denmark's dollar store/Target hybrid). 
View along the lakes. 
Sunny Sunday morning. 

Little plants in the indoor market. 
The most beautiful stove in the world. 

My street! Store Kannikestraede! 

The Danish even sleep weirdly... Apparently this double duvet situation is a common thing! 

 Keeping it hygge.
This gentleman on the block around the corner... 
Frue Plads. The square right down the street. 

Store Kannikestraede! 

A quick Instagram of my biking outfit. 
(Note the scarf/blanket and trendy helmet!) 
That's my new bike there under Maggie!

The best part of this week though is that my lovely Leah booked her tickets yesterday to come visit me on FEBRUARY 1! 

What a good week.

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