Sunday, January 13, 2013


After an exhausting 24 hours of traveling--4 hours to the airport, a late night redeye to London, a 3 hour layover, a 2 hour flight to Copenhagen, and a very interesting adventure through the city (I almost got myself on a train to Sweden...oops!)--I arrived at my hotel sweaty and exhausted late last night.

After immediately taking off my clothes and taking the best shower of my life, I ventured back out into the city to find my dinner, in this case, a cup of yogurt, some digestive biscuits (they were obviously chocolate, don't worry), and a large Carlsberg (made right here in Kobenhavn!). From the little bit of the city I saw while I wandered around last night, I am really looking forward to what there is in store for me. One lovely thing I noticed was all of the little restaurants lit by only candles. In this dark, wintry city, the candlelit evenings seem to be exactly what everyone needs!

After finding my interesting collection of dinner items, I came back to my room and enjoyed a quiet evening, catching up on some reading and talking to family and friends on skype.

And now today is the day! As soon as I force myself out of bed, I'm off to grab breakfast and head to my new home, where I'll be living for the next 4 1/2 months with an entirely new group of people that I will meet today! Wish me luck!


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