Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weeks like this.

What's getting me through weeks like these: midterms, papers, applications, emails, and chilly chilly Scandinavian weather...

It's things like these...

1. Friends like these | 2. Leftovers like this (poached eggs are definitely my food of the week) | 3. Silly things like this | 4. Late night food like this (there may be a pizza theme going here...) | 5. Nights like this! | 6. Breakfasts like this... | 7. Snacks like this one | 8. Lunch like these | 9. Late night studying like this.

Almost halfway through this crazy week!

But what is getting me through this most of all is on Friday I am flying off to a place like this...

Actually exactly like this!

To see THIS girl.


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