Friday, April 12, 2013

Ramblings about the future and blogs...

So lately I have been reading a lot.... of blogs. I have also been heavily contemplating the future.
I am currently studying public/global health (public health in Copenhagen, and global health back at school) and I for the life of me cannot figure out what I want to do next.

Backstory: for the past few years my plan has been nursing school, which I'd start a few months after graduating with my Bachelor's Degree (in just about 13 months, what?!) I think healthcare is a hugely important field, especially as both this is what both of my parents are involved in. While in Copenhagen, I've come to believe that labor and delivery is probably the only area of medicine that I can really see myself working in.  But do I definitely want to go into medicine? And if I do go into medicine--do I become a doctor? a nurse? a physician's assistant? Will I still be able to live as a funky, fun, creative being if I go into such a regulated field as medicine?

But back to the blog reading. The past few days I have been pouring over the posts of Emily at The Doctors Fleming. She is a medical resident (or has she finished? I'm still in 2012...) in emergency medicine. Reading her blog I am realizing a few things...
- Everyone has to make decisions about their priorities. You may not be able to have it ALL, but if you want something enough--love, a career, a family, independence, a puppy!, a creative outlet--you can find a balance and make it work.
- If I want to really have a blog, I've got to put a little more of myself into it! The blogs that I like reading are the ones that are honest and spunky, not the ones that only show the perfect, picturesque highlights of life. And because I'm an honest and spunky girl, I've gotta put that into my blog.
- If I want to go to medical school, I've got to really want it. You sacrifice a lot to become a doctor, and I need to think some more about my priorities to figure out what I want to do. (You see priorities is quickly becoming a theme here!)
- Travel is so important to me too! I know I'm in Europe right now having a blast, but I've also been stressing a lot about money (Copenhagen is expensive, man!). But with the one month I have left (where did the time go?!) I want to relax a bit my finances. Of course I don't want to blow my entire savings, but I don't want to forego important experiences because I'm stressed about money.

So, in conclusion... a little more blog writing and a little more self-reflection is in order.

Thanks for reading!

[A later addition... this post sheds a little very bright light on being a doctor. Wow.]

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