Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog Every Day in May

I'm a little behind on this, but after reading a few of these on different blogs (all inspired by Jenni, on Story of My Life), I am in love with this idea. Jenni came up with a list of 31 topics, one for each day in May. Her idea was that by writing every day, she would encourage herself and fellow bloggers to just write! It doesn't have to be perfect.

So, though I know that I will not actually be able to blog every day (hello 2 days in Hamburg and 4 days in Paris!) I will do my best to write.

Day 1: The Story of Your Life in 250 Words or Less 

Little, bald Isabel (age 1)

Five years at an alternative elementary school provided me with an idyllic childhood: growing up surrounded by creativity, encouragement, and hugs from my friends and teachers; hours spent running through the woods, splashing in streams, catching frogs; devouring books; championing imagination; sitting outside learning to write poetry about nature; never learning to stand silently in a straight line. I endured my awkward preteens through my public middle school, before transferring to a private, all-girls high school in the next town over. It was there that I learned to push myself to do the best that I could, while also experiencing the dissatisfaction that came with a life jam-packed with only academics. The summers, however, were sprinkled with travel experiences--Italy, Canada, the Republic of Georgia--which led me to do my first semester of college abroad in London, and again study in Europe two years later in Copenhagen. It was in through this that I finally began to understand the importance of balance: as much as a loved challenging myself to succeed, true happiness for me comes with the perfect mixture of work and play.

As a lifelong student, I have been shaped by my experiences surrounding school. Because of my childhood, I have always challenged authority, stubbornly refusing to respond to if I didn't feel cared about, refusing to memorize instead of deeply understand; I crave community, feeling most myself when I am around people I love; I feel revitalized by nature and sunlight and the outdoors; I love to read; and I constantly come back to daydreaming about my creative passions. In high school I learned to work hard, to push myself to the brink, because I knew that I could handle it. In college, I finally began to learn that I am made whole by a balance of my passions, a truth that I am still in the process of realizing.

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