Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 2: Educate Us

Day 2:  How to Make a Smoothie

The basis of a good smoothie is frozen bananas. These provide the perfect creamy sweetness that is the foundation of this deliciousness. From here, you can go super simple (add some milk (soy, rice, almond or regular) a little vanilla, and voila), fruity and tart (think OJ and raspberries), extra healthy (like spinach), or extra dessert-y (this is where Nutella may come in). Cut your banana up (about one banana per smoothie is a good ratio) and put them in the freezer (don't wait to peel them until they're frozen) at least a day before you want to make your smoothie.

From here you can go a variety of directions, but your main components will be
        - banana
        - liquid: milk, orange juice, coconut water (add some plain yogurt for an extra kick)
        - fruits and vegetables: these can be frozen or fresh

Add liquid gradually until you reach the desired consistency

Here are some favorites...
Banana smoothie: frozen banana, milk, vanilla extract

Green smoothie: frozen banana, plain yogurt, orange juice, berries, fresh spinach

Strawberry banana: frozen banana, fresh or frozen strawberries, milk or orange juice

Extra sweet smoothie: frozen banana, fresh or frozen cantaloupe, soy milk

Make your own combinations and enjoy!


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