Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 3: Things That Make You Uncomfortable

Day 3: The Story of Crowds

Especially during a week of finals craziness, when I'm a little extra stressed and a little bit more sleep-deprived, crowds can really make me uncomfortable.

Though this is not all the time, for example, I enjoy living in a city, with the normal hustle and bustle, big groups of boisterous people can make me tense up immediately and can get really agitated, especially when someone gets in my way. For example, when walking home from the gym while a zombie-themed pub crawl marches by or at a concert when I'm contentedly listening to music and some tall guys decide that right in front of me is the optimal place for them to stand (I will not, however, tell you whether or not I tried to casually elbow the gentlemen in front of me... really I won't tell you. But, I will tell you that it wasn't my fault... It's an instinct!).

On the one hand, maybe this is a sign that I need to work on going with the flow. I recently read the book Paris in Love, by Eloisa James, and, though I can't find the exact quote, she wrote that sometimes in a big crowd, you need to think of yourself as a fish in a school of other fish. You can remind yourself that you don't need to breathe because you're a fish, and just follow your school through the choppy waters. On the other hand, however, I really do pride myself on my determinedness. Whether it's grocery shopping in a crowded store or listening to a concert, I definitely know what I want.

Other unrelated things that make me uncomfortable include...
     - Touching cheese. I absolutely love to eat it! but I don't like it on my hands.
     - Mismatched socks of different textures.
     - Spiders
     - Talking on the telephone (I'm working on this!)
     - Unwashed hands when they should be washed

Now I want to know... What makes you uncomfortable?

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