Monday, August 19, 2013

Greetings from Maine!

On Friday morning, after finishing up my summer internship the night before, Leah and I packed up the car (after realizing neither of us had small suitcases, we ended up packing entirely in many, many tote bags!) to head to Maine to meet my family. Luckily, we were traveling from the Boston area instead of the other end of the state with the fam, so we had the opportunity to enjoy our leisurely drive and meet up with one of our lovely friends for lunch in Portland  (boy, oh boy, what a hip little city! Leah and I may have discussed dropping everything to move to Maine to run a farm... Not sure how well that would actually go...)

Though sadly Leah left this afternoon to go back to Boston for one more week of work while I get to stay here and enjoy my vacation (oops!), the past weekend was amazing: almost mosquito-free (!!!), with beautiful, fresh ocean breezes, and absolutely stunning sunsets. We went kayaking, had delicious breakfasts, took a bike ride, ate popovers (the most delectable pastry in the world! or at least in Maine), and this morning even went paddle boarding, something that you MUST try. 

So Sunday night, Leah and I went for a little date so she could finally experience her Maine dreams: a lobster. Let me tell you, that lobster dinner was not a walk in the park for this life-long vegetarian. Though I watched Leah eat the entire lobster, my fascination resulted in me losing my appetite for my entire dinner. Luckily for me, it came back when the topic of fresh blueberry soft serve came up. 

We have also made time for quite a few long walks, lots of reading (especially this book, which is turning out to be even better than expected!), and some long chats about the state of the world. 

(note: I have a lot of trouble taking pictures in the sun, hence the hat)

Just one of the many perfect sunsets. For serious. These sunsets have been some of the BEST I've ever seen.

Leah and I rockin' it out before our bike ride. We're pretty hard core. It's ok. You can be jealous. 

So for the rest of the week I will be doing my best to a) get things done while I have internet and b) relax before another hectic chapter of my life. Next Wednesday Leah and I will be moving out of our little studio that we've come to looove and, after a weekend at our respective family's homes, we will be moving into a substantially bigger house with our friends back at school to begin the new year! 

Happy Monday! 

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