Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Warby Parker At Home Try-On

For a while now I've been a bit discontented with my current glasses. Though I had spent hours looking for the perfect frames (actually hours trying on pairs over and over. I am a total nut about choosing glasses), eventually deciding on a gorgeous Persol brand pair, they weren't quite fitting as well as I'd hoped and they kept slipping down my nose, making me feel like an aging librarian.

Finally after a lot of buzz about Warby Parker, an internet-based, economical glasses company where the whole shebang, prescription lenses and everything, cost just $95. A great feature about the purchasing process is an "at home try-on" where you can order 5 pairs of glasses to your house to try on and parade around in for 5 days.

So. After spending quite a few hours perusing their website for the perfect frames, I finally received my 5 pairs on Friday. Here are the results, in the form of a selfie series!

 The Preston style in Gimlet Tortoise

The Beckett style in Revolver Black Matte

The Crosby style in Greystone

The Winston style in Revolver Black

The Winston style in Lunar Fade

And the winner is, the Preston style in Gimlet Tortoise! Firstly, the tortoise-shell pattern on these frames is killer! It's just bold enough to make a statement, but subtle enough to fit in with my (let's face it) fairly monochromatic wardrobe. Though these were originally my spur-of-the-moment last choice, the slightly cat-eye style with the rounded lower portion won my heart and, surprisingly, complimented my already round face :)

(I already have plans to maybe buy myself a second pair for Christmas. My second choices are tied between Beckett in Greystone and Winston in Lunar Fade. What do you think?)


Monday, September 9, 2013


Today is Leah and my THIRD anniversary! It's nuts.

After a morning of classes, Leah and I went out for burgers and beers at The Local, a pubslashteahouse near our school. Honestly, this is one of the greatest, most liberating ways to spend a Monday afternoon. However, after classes all morning and a whole lotta carbs, we had to crash for a 2 hour nap when we got home. oops. After our unplanned snoozefest, we took a long walk around a small park, where I spent an annoyingly long time taking pictures of the rose garden ;) , and we had the chance to admire the gigantic goldfish in the pond. The next step was a trip to the local ice cream shop for milkshakes. When we got home, our seriously amazing friends surprised us with this insane Pinterest-inspired cake covered in rose petals! Now (after some homework, unfortunately) we are finishing off the night watching Parks and Rec.

What a good day. :)

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


This post by Garance Dore on her amazing, inspiring fashion and lifestyle blog made some important points about honesty in blogs and political correctness when looking at the lives of real women.

Check it out!


On the morning of Labor Day, I finished packing up the car and left my parent's house, where I have been for this little interim between Boston and the beginning of the semester, to move in to the house where Leah, our friends, and I will be living for the next nine months. Finally, a little after midnight last night we called ourselves officially moved in. 

The space is beautiful--lots of white walls and natural light--reminding me a bit of Denmark and the minimalism they master there. Joanna's lovely blog post about beautiful home design featuring large plants captured the essence I hope to capture in Leah's and my new lofted attic room. 

The combination of bright green leaves, simple furniture, Middle East-inspired red accents, and a bit of faux fur is exactly what I'm going for ;)

Though transitions are not my strong point (though over the last three years I have lived in about twelve different spaces!) I am remaining optimistic, (trying to not procrastinate), and hoping that this year will turn out to be the best one yet!