Tuesday, September 3, 2013


On the morning of Labor Day, I finished packing up the car and left my parent's house, where I have been for this little interim between Boston and the beginning of the semester, to move in to the house where Leah, our friends, and I will be living for the next nine months. Finally, a little after midnight last night we called ourselves officially moved in. 

The space is beautiful--lots of white walls and natural light--reminding me a bit of Denmark and the minimalism they master there. Joanna's lovely blog post about beautiful home design featuring large plants captured the essence I hope to capture in Leah's and my new lofted attic room. 

The combination of bright green leaves, simple furniture, Middle East-inspired red accents, and a bit of faux fur is exactly what I'm going for ;)

Though transitions are not my strong point (though over the last three years I have lived in about twelve different spaces!) I am remaining optimistic, (trying to not procrastinate), and hoping that this year will turn out to be the best one yet! 

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