Monday, October 21, 2013

A little drive upstate...

On Sunday afternoon, Leah and I drove the hour deep into upstate New York to visit her grandparents. Though our visit only lasted about an hour, the drive through the countryside was so so worth it. 

In my ideal, best-case scenario of this fall, I would be out for hikes every day of the week. Taking in the warm light of the autumn sun, basking in the oranges, reds, and yellows. Walking over the crunchy leaves to the top of a mountain to get an even better view of autumn, my favorite season. In this best-case scenario, Leah and I would also have a dog. His name would be Oliver or Sir William (just some ideas we have been throwing around ;) and he would LOVE these hikes. But I digress.

Unfortunately, this fall has been jam-packed with everything BUT beautiful time outdoors. Yes, we have the beautiful drives in the morning, a little breakfast porch where we can sip our coffee in the morning (if we're not in the huge rush that we normally are), and walks across campus. But fall is a season that I positively want to drink in. To absorb every smell and sight. The feeling of walking through leaf piles, the warm glow of the light through the leaves, the positively fall smell in the air. But there is never quite enough time.

This fall is a time of opening new doors and preparing for the future. But it is also the beginning of the end of a chapter in my life. Four years of college will soon be over, to make way for grad school (cross your fingers!!). A new city, a new adventure. I am so excited. But fall brings on a melancholy that I can't ignore. A retreating light and warmth, a winter chill.

In the mean time though, we have a few weeks left to enjoy the beautiful colors and the lovely cool air. Maybe this week I will ACTUALLY take a hike!

Happy Monday!

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