Monday, October 20, 2014

/1/ "Currently Listing"

1// "Currently listing…"
     Inspired by Tania of Joy Felicity Jane, as well as a number of other lovely bloggers like Sydney at The Daybook Blog (who recently had a beautiful bebe girl!), I am adopting the "currently listing" in an attempt to finally get back into blogging. 

Though I've had a blog (technically… though sporadically ;) for quite a while now, my blog has, at times, tended to be a point of frustration for me. How do I really get into blogging? How can I be a blogger if I don't have enough time to blog?! How do I find my voice? What do I share on my blog? But in the end, I've come to a point of clarity with it all. Start simple. A blog should not be a point of stress or frustration. It should be a creative outlet. A journal. A place to meet new people. 

So, with out further ado, I am currently… 

/studying/ this fall I started a grad program in boston to be a nurse practitioner in women's health. though it has been quite a transition leaving college and jumping headfirst into an accelerated program, i am enjoying this new field and all the great new friends I am making

/eating/ apples. apples. apples. I went with friends over the long weekend to go apple picking. Besides the fact that it was beautiful and rejuvenating to be outside in the hilly orchards on an exquisite fall day, I'm just so excited that now I have a heck ton of apples! A pie has already been made and apple sauce is coming soon.

/listening/ songza playlists that make me think of fall, specifically the 'Harvest Moon" playlist.  also NPR during my drives to and from school. needless to say, i feel very well-informed. 

/wishing/ I had more time to sleep and read. 

/reading/ outlander. I am less than 100 pages in (despite having had it for two weeks… my library ebook is about to run out!) so apparently I haven't even gotten to the good parts. 

/moving/ by running, walking, exploring my new neighborhood. 

/thinking/ sweetly of christmas! firstly because I'll get a break between semesters over the holiday (already looking forward to some homework-free evenings), and secondly because it makes me not dread fall quite so much. 

/dreaming/ of someday sitting by the fire in big white farmhouse of my own. I don't know if or when that will ever happen, but a girl can hope. alternately, this fall I've been missing London quite dreadfully, so there have been some serious daydreams in class. oops.

/walking/ for miles. we happened to go on a twelve mile walk around Boston this weekend. totally unplanned, but very glad we both wore sneakers on Saturday. 

/planning/ for all the things I want to do one day when I have some free time and an income! I want to try cross fit and pottery-making, as well as take trip to Scotland. 

/cozying/ up with a new paid scarf (that doubles as a blanket). this thing is going to get me through winter.

/drinking/ water? or trying too… how is it that the type water bottle totally dictates how much I can hydrate throughout the day. 

/trying/ to kick a newfound shopping habit. or at least a very time-consuming online window shopping habit ;) but the contents of my online shopping carts are a topic for another post.

/meditating/ for just a few minutes every morning. though I fell out of habit for a few weeks, this morning I left myself just a bit of time to sit quietly before I ran out the door.

/working/ towards regaining a bit of balance this fall. it has been a whirlwind thus far, and I am working hard to give myself both a bit of a chance for a bit of mental calm and a kick in the booty to get myself into gear for everything I need to do. 

Happy Monday, friends.